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About Us

We are a dedicated team of entrepreneurs committed to addressing all foot-related concerns. Through our collective efforts, we've established Mr. Pies SAS, a premier podiatry and chiropody center located in Santiago de Cali. Here, we provide comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for a wide range of foot conditions. Additionally, we specialize in rehabilitating nail and foot angular issues.

Our skilled team comprises healthcare professionals, including podiatrists, chiropodists, general practitioners, nurses, and more, all with extensive experience in delivering top-quality care. Our mission is not only to provide effective treatments but also to promote proactive foot care, aiming to reduce the prevalence of foot diseases and optimize the functionality of this essential mobility organ.

You can visit us at calle 9b # 29 34 barrio champañat, to experience our expert services firsthand.


Our mission is to assist individuals in safeguarding the health and care of their feet by providing diverse podiatric alternatives and specialized services for comprehensive foot care.

We achieve this by employing comprehensive models of quality, coupled with professional responsibility and ethics, in the treatment of foot diseases and pathologies. We are committed to working continuously and tirelessly, contributing to the enhancement of the quality of life for the people of the city of Santiago de Cali and the Valle del Cauca region.



By 2030, our goal is to achieve national recognition for our high standards of quality and service, positioning ourselves as the premier center for Chiropody and Podiatry with international projections.

We are committed to promoting the continuous well-being of society by providing both corrective and preventive treatments for comprehensive foot care.

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