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Prophylactic Management

Nails are skin structures located at the fingertips, consisting of the nail plate, matrix, lunula, eponychium, and hyponychium. Their main function is to protect the skin beneath them from external agents. Nails grow approximately 1 mm every 10 days or about 3 mm per month.

Common Conditions:

  • Onychomycosis (Fungal Infection)

  • Koilonychia (Spoon Nails)

  • Onycholysis (Detached Nails)

  • Onychorrhexis (Brittle Nails)

  • Onychoschizia (Split Nails)

  • Onychia Punctata (Pitted Nails)

  • Psoriasis

We offer prophylaxis and management to reduce the risk of nail and foot diseases, such as hyperkeratosis, calluses, warts, and physiological alterations. Using advanced podiatric techniques, we aim to manage pain, restore self-esteem, and protect foot health.

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